The Tears of Teens: The Book

This book was concived rather recently, on 3/22/16. A school friend of mine is transgender and struggling with being accepted by anyone, specifically their family. I myself struggle with depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts. Many of my doctors think I have Bipolar II or Borderline Personality Disorder (borderline) and plan on diagnosing me with those when I turn 18. Many teenagers also struggle with suicidal and homicidal thoughts. It is difficult to feel misunderstood, uncared for, left behind and rejected because of who you want to be, weather it is your fault or not.

Many people in the world today have a mental disorder or disability, the most common being anxiety or depression. Despite this, however, very few people choose to talk about it, especially teens, as it is considered taboo for anyone to be anything less than normal. Horrifyingly, teens with mental disorders or disabilities choose not to talk about it or try to get help because they fear being rediculed, and would rather suffer in silence. This also goes for LGBTQ teens or teens in unfortunate living situations.

This book is going to shed light on this very dark subject, and help teenagers

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